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Art and Creativity

Find out what we have special for his Son.

Art and Creativity


The music classes are developed in a playful manner, providing contact with musical instruments, awakening the auditory perception, involving activities of expressive character which stimulates the awareness of musical rhythmic, assisted in physical and motor development, coordination and concentration. Futhermore, it stimulates the brain areas that will be benefit the process of literacy abd mathematical reasoning.


Besides the physical benefits it brings, such as posture improviment, motor coordination, spatial notion and orientation, flexibility and increasingly body strenght. Ballet is an art of expression, with ludics movements, that arises fellings, emotions and benefits overcames the pedagogical action of just learning, It enters the psychological field helping to develop self confidence, brings maturity and self-awareness.


The theater project happens for many years at school, in order to contribute to the personal growth and cultural development of the child, through the comunication domain and the interactive use of theatrical laguage. From this point of view, we walk to the teaching-learning field creating space to build cultural and self awareness introducing the ludic perception, the pleasure, the initiating capability, motivating action, improvisation, concentration, organization, leadership and personal control.


The benefits tha this sport brings to children's development begins in "teaching to swin". The first step and perhaps the most important, we highlight the adaption to the liquid world that must be oriented in order the child gain experience and postural stability skills, providing an area of body movements that lead to excellent condiions for a good underwater breath. If at this point the child is stimulated and motivated, they will go to the next swimming steps (for instance, learning the 4 different methods of swimming), with a wide range of skills, making the learning process more interesting and challenging.


In this activity the main concept addressed is the very meaning of the word judo, which, in Japanese means JU way and DO soft (Soft Way). Within this understanding we formulate an idea of healthy sport, without enticement to violence. That can be praticed not only by children, but also for any other age group. For educators and scholars in this area, the sport helps in cognitive encreasing, affective and motor perfomance. It allows them to acquire self-confidance and self control besides promote interaction between them. The main aims are to develop in children: Fighting Spirit (The individual becomes mentally conditioned to protect his own body in stressed circumstances, defending himself when threatened), an Authentic moral attitude (leads to humility, trough rigorous training, which provides perseverance, tolerance, cooperation, generosity, respect, courage, composure and courtesy).

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