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PEA - Unesco

Connecting to the world in solidarity and peace


The year 2014 was marked by the Touch of Mother Bilingual recognition and adherence to PEA - Unesco (Programme Associated Schools UNESCO Network). Our school is the first and only in Mato Grosso state affiliated with the network.

To become accredited you must go through a careful process. The selective started in February of that year with the provision of information and bureaucratic data School, which were checked for further continuation of the process, after that a project that illustrated and justified our interest, with guided issues in environment , human rights, interculturality and emphasized education aimed at peace, showing our educational practice was sent to evaluation.

After approval by the Brazil UNESCO Brazil Coordination it was referred to the authorization membership that is made by UNESCO Paris, France. The certification of the associate School is only provided if the body finds that the institution meets all the requirements of the label.

The PEA Network - UNESCO is present in 190 countries, segmented into: Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. In Brazil the program has existed for 20 years and only a little more than 300 schools, including public and private, until now have been accepted. The network is committed to the quest and development of a very high quality of education, as well as the formation of citizens who care about a better world. Schools that are part of this network have open doors on any of the affiliated institutions in Brazil and in the world to discuss and expand knowledge.

The Touch of Mother Bilingual in April / 2015 took part of a select group that visited schools in Portugal and the Netherlands to discuss various forms of education and ways to implement policies that has given positive results in that country, here in Brazil, and specifically in our School . For April / 2016 again we are part of the group that will go to Finland, reference nation in education in the world nowadays.

Throughout the year there are several meetings, discussion forum, visits to schools and annually the PEA Congress - UNESCO Brazil, which always brings national and international speakers. In 2015 Touch of Mother had our director, Marcia Pedr'Angelo as event speaker telling the experience of visiting different cultures and forms of education in the countries of the International Mission.

For us this is not just a label to be displayed within the school, but it is once again the commitment to continue to seek all that is best in education for families who are part of our day by day. This recognition is not only for the Touch of Mother Bilingual, but for the people that are here, family members, whether they be fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles and other guardians who have in us the expectation of a quality education, as well as our team which appears committed to the principles, way of acting and thinking of our educational institution.

It is with great pride that we bring a differentiated education for our state.

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